As a leading provider of pest management and termite control across Brisbane and Redlands Bayside, Termite Tracker Pest Control have delivered quality services for over 30 years, from general pest treatments, combined building and pre-purchase inspections to post timber inspections and treatments.

Gavin and Gary from Termite Tracker Pest Control use the latest in termite detection technology, such as a Termatrac boroscope; a moisture meter used on every inspection. They are members of Australia’s National Pest Controllers Association, AEPMA and are kept fully up to date with the latest innovations and standards that are set within the industry. Above all they are professional and trust worthy pest controllers who also maintain high safety and service standards. This is evident by the high number of loyal customers and word of mouth referrals that keep them busy.

The highest priority with any pest management service should be safety. Gavin and Gary believe that it’s possible to provide a sound and through service that doesn’t put your family at risk. They provide environmentally safe products that are safe to use around children and animals.

Their experience and training ensures that the methods are the safest possible. Aside from providing safe, quality service for Brisbane and Redlands Bayside, they are also highly committed to providing cost-effective pest control solutions.