Termite Inspections


Due to the climatic conditions in Brisbane, homes are susceptible to pest attacks. Inline with this, – according to Australian Standard 3660.2 2000 – all homes should receive (at least) an annual inspection, especially to high risk areas.

But whether you can identify what kind of pest problem you have or not, Termite Tracker Pest Control is able to secure a detailed quote for you as quickly as possible. Trust the Termite Tracker Pest Control experts will thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with a detailed report to showing the coverage of the problem.

Areas we inspect include:

  • Interior;
  • Roof Exterior;
  • Roof Void;
  • Exterior Subfloor and accessible subfloor;
  • Out Buildings;
  • Grounds;
  • Fences;
  • Termite Retaining Walls;
  • Garage.

This all done, using a less invasive inspection, we will then provide you with a Full Inspection Report identifying the underlying cause of termite infestation and give advice about the situation of the property with regards to Termite Tracker Pest Control.